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10 Things Bisexual People are Sick of Hearing

Be a good person and never say these things again.

The bisexual pride flag (3673713584)

“I don’t date bisexual people. They cheat.”

My dear, people cheat regardless of sexuality. Trust me on this one. I’m speaking from experience here. I was marred to a straight guy for six years. Guess who cheated? It sure wasn’t me, the bisexual chick. Look, no matter what type of relationship you get into, (straight, gay, bi, monogamous, non-monogamous, whatever) there’s a risk your partner(s) may cheat on you. Saying you don’t date bisexual people because “they cheat” is just a cop out for being biphobic.

“Bisexual men don’t exist.”

…And the lie detector test proves, that is a lie. Bisexual men are out there. Unlike the mythical unicorn, they do exist. Unfortunately, due to the stigma surrounding being bisexual, no one is exactly sure how many bi men are out there. They are out there though and they’re judging you just as hard as I am for saying this crap.

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