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Day 21: Legal Weed Ain’t Helping

The legal weed market is so exclusive only white people with no record and money can get into it. The criteria for getting a business license in Colorado for legal weed states you must be of “good moral character“.

What in the entire fuck does that mean? That is some truly subjective shit. I’m pretty sure that other business owners don’t have to abide by that rule. If they did, I’m sure a hell of a lot of stores would be out of business.

Meanwhile, PoC (mostly Black folks) are still getting arrested for having weed on them. The arrest rates for Black and Latino minors in Colorado specifically skyrocketed after weed became legal. What’s funny is the arrest rates for white minors went down in the same period. It’s almost as if since cops couldn’t arrest the adults they wanted, they just went after kids. Funny, right?

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Day 20: 4 Things Depressed People are Sick of Hearing

“Stop being so lazy.” If I had the energy to go and do literally anything, I would. Depression, contrary to popular belief, does manifest itself physically. Your body hurts, you experience extreme fatigue, you many sleep or more than normal or have trouble sleeping. All of that culminates into days where you just cannot do anything else. It sucks, but it’s the truth.

“Exercise helps depression. You should try it.” Again, if I had the freaking energy to exercise, I’d try it. The thing is though, that doesn’t work for everyone. Exercise isn’t a one size fits all answer. Hell, even one size fits all clothing doesn’t fit all people.

“You just have to choose happiness.” Oh wow. I’ve never thought of that. It’s not like I’ve tried every freaking day of my life to just “be happy.” Thank you for this oh so enlightening thought.

“You don’t need medication. It’s bad for you.” No. You know what’s bad for me? You pretending you know more about me, my body, and my illness than my doctor and myself. Only I can tell you how my medication(s) are effecting me. If I tell you it’s helping, then damn it, it is. Stigmatizing medicine makes it harder for people who need help to seek it out.

I could list so many other things that we’re sick of hearing, but I simply don’t feel like it. Stop acting like a therapist to friends, family, celebrities, really just anyone. You don’t know their lives or how their depression effects them. The “advice” you give is at best annoying and at worst actively damaging. So just stop it. Please, for the love of all that is good and beautiful in this world, stop it.

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Day 19: To Be a Fat Girl


Navigating this world as a fat woman, especially a Black fat woman, is so difficult. In public, everyone expects you to be their Mammy. They come to you with their problems expecting you to pull them into your bosom and pat their head while you quietly reassure them that they are smart and important and oh so lovely. No one is willing to do that for you though.

You’re also the Strong Black Woman who doesn’t need love or reassurance. No, you’re just fine on your own. You don’t need anyone to help you. You can handle everything by yourself and do it in silence.

No one will admit to being attracted to you in public. No, all you get from people (mostly men) is open ridicule. Well, that’s if you have the “unacceptable fatty” body. You know, the one with rolls where there shouldn’t be, a large stomach, breasts that are too small, and ass that isn’t large enough. Even the acceptable fat girls only get people willing to admit they want to fuck them. Fucking isn’t love.

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Day 18: It’s Not “Just A Troll”

People always say that when they see someone post some racist, homophobic, sexist, and/or just plain ignorant shit. What is the point in saying that? You think that it makes it ok? You think that somehow justifies the shit they said? Well that’s what it sounds like. I don’t give a damn if it is “just a troll”. I’m not letting them of the hook. I won’t ignore it just because they’re doing it for attention.

You wanna know why? When you do, the majority of the feedback they get is positive. They then develop this twisted view that what they’re doing is ok. That’s why you see people who continually do shit that they know will hurt people. That shit will never fly with me. If anything, them being a troll is even more reason to call them out.

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Day 16: Feminist vs Anti-Feminist

I hate that some feminists try to put everything in feminist and anti-feminist boxes. Sure, there are some things that can be classified in those terms. However, when you try to police every woman’s, every person’s actions in those terms, it becomes absolutely ridiculous.

“Is this feminist?”

“Is that feminist?”

“Is this patriarchal?”

“Is that patriarchal?”

Please just stop. On some level I get what you’re trying to do. Examining things to see if they’re oppressive or not is okay, but everything can’t be boiled down to “yes it is” or “no it’s not”. There are some things in this world that exist in a gray area or depending on context can be either yes or no.

When you try to put every single thing into feminist and anti-feminist boxes, you’re doing little better than those invested in patriarchy. It feels like women are just jumping from one confining box to another one. Sometimes, people just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy some things. Let them.

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Day 15: Women and Money

What is with this taboo around women and money? It’s like an unwritten rule that we’re not allowed to seek it out or even talk about it. I don’t get it. Our society, especially the capitalist “utopia” that is the US, revolves around it.

It feels as if this weird ass taboo about women and money was put into place as a way to control women. The people in power have the cash. You keep women from desiring or even talking about money, you keep them from gaining power. You keep them financially dependant upon the men in their lives, whether it be their fathers, boyfriends, or husbands.

I hate this taboo. I think it needs to go die in the flames of Mt Doom to be completely honest. It’s why I go out of my way to discuss money and the payment of women for the services we provide. It’s something I suggest more women do. While we’re living in a capitalist society where money grants you access to pretty much everything, we need to start actively seeking it out.