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Day 3: The Liberal Left is a Dumpster Fire

Liberals/Progressives/people on the Left (especially white Lefties) love pretending like they’re oh so much better than folks on the Right when in reality, for a good number of people they look real similar. For example, both groups love shitting on poor people.

Folks on the Left love taking pictures of poor, possibly homeless people and making memes out of them calling the people pictured “typical Trump/GOP supporters”. The joke in this? Poor people aren’t smart enough to see Trump/the GOP doesn’t care about them. You know what’s funny about this though? The Left obviously doesn’t give a shit about them either because they’re using them for jokes and memes.

A lot of people on the Left have this “they do it so why can’t I” mentality that brings them down to the Right’s level. That’s not a good thing. One place where this really permeates is in pro-choice circles. Pro-choice people will lose their collective shit when you ask them to say “pregnant people” rather than “women” because cis women aren’t the only people who can have kids. There’s also the fact that a lot of women can’t have children.

Reducing abortion to a “women only” thing isn’t accurate. Reducing reproductive justice as a whole to just a “women only” thing isn’t accurate. However, so many people on the Left do just that because “pro-life/anti-choice people don’t recognize trans or nonbinary people so it’d be a waste.” Yes, I have actually heard this argument before. It’s absolutely infuriating.

Maybe this is Formerly Optimistic Me popping out to say “hello”, but I thought the Left was supposed to be better than the Right. Lately, all I’ve seen is them stooping down to their level and saying it’s just fine because their intentions are good. Don’t we all remember that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”? Your intent doesn’t matter when your actions hurt people. That’s what you’re doing right now; hurting people. You guys have got to stop it if you want people to take you seriously again.



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