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Day 6: Harry Potter Thoughts and Questions

[Trigger Warning for a rape mention]


Would someone who felt absolutely no fear see the true form of a boggart? What if you were afraid of a boggart’s true form? Like, that unknown is what scared you.

I wonder how Luna Lovegood felt about all the bullying. I know it looked like she didn’t care much, but we were seeing things from Harry’s eyes. How did she really feel?

Did Dumbledore purposely rig everything so that Gryffindor won house cup every year he and Harry were there?

Dumbledore reminds me of President Coin from Hunger Games in that they’re both manipulative assholes. The only difference is Coin is eventually revealed as one while Dumbledore is lauded as some hero until death.

If Hogwarts had taken a harder stance on bullying, would Snape had turned to the Dark Arts and Death Eaters?

What would have happened to Snape if he had been allowed to grow up?

After the war, how many of the returning and new students would be able to see thestrals? Would not being able to see thestrals become the rarity while seeing thestrals the new norm?

Is the whole “using a love potion to make someone fall in love, have sex with, and have a baby with you” thing a rape allegory?

Were Hermione and Ron really right for each other? In my opinion, it felt kinda forced. I also feel that their relationship kinda emphasizes the “he only teases you because he likes you” thing. That’s not good.

How many magical schools are there in total? Do all of them have scholarships for disadvantaged students? If Hogwarts really had such a scholarship, why didn’t any of the Weasley kids get it?

Why did Dumbledore really think it was a good idea to send a bunch of pre-teens and teenagers off to war?

Was Dumbledore simply the “good” version of Riddle? He did manipulate people into joining his cause, partially by offering them “family” and people who cared about them. He also had no issue using children to solve problems and cast aside anyone he couldn’t use.

I think Dumbledore was in Slytherin when he was in school, not Gryffindor. He’s cunning, selfish and ruthless enough to be one. (I say this as someone who has been sorted into Slythering by Pottermore, the “official” sorting place.)

Did the Death Eaters know Voldemort was a half-blood? If they knew, did they just not care or were they too afraid to say anything?

What did Tom do as a child to those other orphans in that cave?

Is it “Minister of Magic” or “Minister for Magic”?

Did the Chamber of Secrets only hold the basilisk or were there other secrets lurking there?

Were none of the teachers smart enough to figure out that an acromantula can’t petrify people? Did they know and just not care because they wanted the school to stay open?

After Hagrid’s name was cleared, why wasn’t he given a wand back and given some type of tutoring as an adult student?

I have many more questions and thoughts about the Harry Potter series and universe, but this will do for now.



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