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Day 7: Slavery Reparations

I was going to write about something else, but twitter got me thinking about reparations. If the descendants of enslaved people were to sue for reparations, how much would we decide to sue for? I have a thought on how to calculate that value.

First, you calculate how much enslaved people would have made if they were fairly paid workers. That’s your baseline, you don’t go below that number no matter what.

Second, you calculate the value enslaved people added to the country. Add that to your baseline.

Third, calculate economic inequality since the end of slavery and damages done. Add that on too. Tack on generations of emotional distress and trauma and voila! You have your number.

I would be greatly surprised if said amount wasn’t in the high billions to mid trillions of dollars. I suspect it could easily bankrupt the US. To that I say, good. It’s the least this country deserves after violating my people for centuries.



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