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Day 9: Invisible Illnesses

Having an invisible illness sucks balls. No one believes you when you say you’re sick, everyone thinks you’re lazy, even the people who claim to support you and “understand”. I think one of the worst things about it is you never “look” sick. For example, take a look at me here.


I look decently happy, right? In reality, my depression was pretty flipping high, bipolar disorder close to being out of control, anxiety through the roof, my HS flared up so bad it hurt to move my left arm, and I was anemic as shit.

I was going through all of that, but since I was walking fine, making conversation, and showing no apparent outward signs of disability or sickness, everyone thought I was okay. I was more than happy to let them keep that image of me too. I knew if I had told anyone what I was going through, I wouldn’t be believed because I smiled, laughed, and played with my son that day. That sucks

Invisible illnesses exist and they suck just as hard as visible ones. I really wish people realized that.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

One thought on “Day 9: Invisible Illnesses

  1. The Masks we wear for others hide our pain so well. I have both bipolar and anxiety disorders with a dew other invisible things in the mix too. The stigma around mental health is not changing fast enough IMO but people like you willing to have the open conversation about it helps. Thank you. I also think your 365 writing project is awesome. I follow you on Twitter. You Rock!


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