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Day 10: Fuck You XOJane

[TW: Suicide, Eating Disorders, Depression]

XOJane can go thoroughly fuck themselves with a rusty pitchfork for publishing that shitty piece about a woman who is glad her mentally ill “friend” is dead. I put the word friend in quotes for a reason. This woman was a truly a friend if she’s now glad her friend is dead.

Here’s the thing, she’s glad her friend is dead for like the most pettiest of reasons; one of which being she made her Facebook feed sad. Are you serious? This has to go down as one of the most ableist, senseless, and most of all harmful things I have ever heard of in my entire life and I’ve seen some shit. I am almost speechless at how callous this woman is. To put the cherry on top of this shit ass cake, she’s now on twitter giving out her phone number to reporters. Like, what the hell lady?

Before you ask, no I am not linking to the piece, no I will not name the piece, and no I will not name the person who wrote it. No one, least of all someone dealing with mental illness and suicidal ideation, should read this shit storm of an “article”. It should be left to die at the dump that is XOJane.

Here’s the really harmful part, one of the main reasons people commit suicide is they feel like a burden to friends and family. XOJane went and published a piece that essentially confirmed a lot of people’s fears. This woman essentially said, “Hey, when you talk about your eating disorder, depression, or mental health, you’re making other people sad and you should probably just off yourself so we’ll be happy again.” XOJane, by publishing this co-signed this message.

While this description may sound like hyperbole to a lot of you neurotypical people out there, to those of us with mental illnesses, that’s how our brains work. I’m not saying that all mentally ill people think this way, I’m saying that there are some of us who do.

For those of us who do think this way, our brains are hardwired to think the worst of ourselves and to think that everyone else thinks the worst of us. We truly do believe that everyone secretly hates us and wants us to just go away or, in some cases, die so they can be rid of us and be happy again. The woman who wrote this confirmed all of our fears. XOJane publishing this on their huge platform for the world to see just made it that more legitimate.

Am I saying someone will definitely commit suicide over this piece? No, but honestly, I can’t be sure someone won’t. This could be the tipping block for some poor soul who discovers this while browsing the internet. That uncertainty is why we all need to be more careful and considerate of what we say and to whom. You never know what could push someone over the edge.



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One thought on “Day 10: Fuck You XOJane

  1. They changed the byline to anonymous last night, and now have replaced the piece with an “apology” from Jane Pratt. But the damage is done. I hope other editors learn from this. Would this have been what pushed me over the edge when I was suicidal? I don’t know, but I feel like there’s a good chance it would have.


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