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Day 14: Job Searching is Overrated

If you’re following me on twitter, you’ll know I’ve been posting some pretty ridiculous snippets from job postings. My favorite so far is “budget is $0.005 per word so we can view your work.”


The one takeaway I’m getting from these postings is people do not value writing as a job at all. From the multiple typos within the postings to the ridiculously low amounts of pay, it’s clear these people think this job is either easy or just not worth proper payment. That is very disappointing to me.

Even as someone who writes, and is not too bad at it, I can tell you this isn’t easy. Coming up with the right words at the right time to capture your feelings at a specific point in time is very hard. You need a certain amount of skill and no shortage of talent to do it. I’m still working on perfecting the craft myself.

If you’re going to hire a writer, for technical writing, copywriting, creative writing, or anyting else, pay them appropriately. You wouldn’t hire a plumber and then pay them five cents per pipe fixed. You wouldn’t hire an auto mechanic and pay them $20 to replace all four tires on your car. That’s essentially what you’re doing when you go to a writer and say “I have $20, write 5-10 articles for me at 750 words per article.” That’s not fair and you know it.



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