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Day 16: Feminist vs Anti-Feminist

I hate that some feminists try to put everything in feminist and anti-feminist boxes. Sure, there are some things that can be classified in those terms. However, when you try to police every woman’s, every person’s actions in those terms, it becomes absolutely ridiculous.

“Is this feminist?”

“Is that feminist?”

“Is this patriarchal?”

“Is that patriarchal?”

Please just stop. On some level I get what you’re trying to do. Examining things to see if they’re oppressive or not is okay, but everything can’t be boiled down to “yes it is” or “no it’s not”. There are some things in this world that exist in a gray area or depending on context can be either yes or no.

When you try to put every single thing into feminist and anti-feminist boxes, you’re doing little better than those invested in patriarchy. It feels like women are just jumping from one confining box to another one. Sometimes, people just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy some things. Let them.



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