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Day 17: Sex Ed is So Necessary

Every time I log on to Twitter, I see something surrounding sex that makes my brain hurt. Cis men especially are woefully under or uneducated when it comes to basic sexual knowledge. Some of the things I’ve heard… I need to list them.

  1. “Women pee out of their clitoris.” NO! We have a urethra like everyone else.
  2. “Women pee out of their vagina.” No again! Urethra. It’s there. Look it up.
  3. “A ‘loose’ and/or wet vagina means she a hoe.” Okay, number one, hoes don’t exist. Number two, that’s a sign of sexual arousal.
  4. “Washing your ass means you gay.” FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO! PLEASE WASH YOUR FUNKY ASS!
  5. “You can tell how many men a woman has had sex with by her vagina.” No. I promise you cannot.
  6. “A (cis) man’s dick can rip out an IUD.” If your dick is cervix/uterus deep, something has gone horribly wrong.

I could keep going, but I think you get my point. This is the type of misinformation espoused by grown ass men (and women!) and they swear up and down they’re right.

Sex education is failing our children. Sex educaiton has failed them so bad they’re growing up into adults that have no idea how bodies work. This is not only sad, it’s a public health issue.

It’s been shown time and again that states with the worst (abstinence only) sex education have the highest rates of STDs. The only way to fix this is to honestly and openly tell our children how their bodies work, how other bodies work, and how to protect themselves. If we don’t do this, things will only get worse.



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