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Day 20: 4 Things Depressed People are Sick of Hearing

“Stop being so lazy.” If I had the energy to go and do literally anything, I would. Depression, contrary to popular belief, does manifest itself physically. Your body hurts, you experience extreme fatigue, you many sleep or more than normal or have trouble sleeping. All of that culminates into days where you just cannot do anything else. It sucks, but it’s the truth.

“Exercise helps depression. You should try it.” Again, if I had the freaking energy to exercise, I’d try it. The thing is though, that doesn’t work for everyone. Exercise isn’t a one size fits all answer. Hell, even one size fits all clothing doesn’t fit all people.

“You just have to choose happiness.” Oh wow. I’ve never thought of that. It’s not like I’ve tried every freaking day of my life to just “be happy.” Thank you for this oh so enlightening thought.

“You don’t need medication. It’s bad for you.” No. You know what’s bad for me? You pretending you know more about me, my body, and my illness than my doctor and myself. Only I can tell you how my medication(s) are effecting me. If I tell you it’s helping, then damn it, it is. Stigmatizing medicine makes it harder for people who need help to seek it out.

I could list so many other things that we’re sick of hearing, but I simply don’t feel like it. Stop acting like a therapist to friends, family, celebrities, really just anyone. You don’t know their lives or how their depression effects them. The “advice” you give is at best annoying and at worst actively damaging. So just stop it. Please, for the love of all that is good and beautiful in this world, stop it.



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