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Day 21: Legal Weed Ain’t Helping

The legal weed market is so exclusive only white people with no record and money can get into it. The criteria for getting a business license in Colorado for legal weed states you must be of “good moral character“.

What in the entire fuck does that mean? That is some truly subjective shit. I’m pretty sure that other business owners don’t have to abide by that rule. If they did, I’m sure a hell of a lot of stores would be out of business.

Meanwhile, PoC (mostly Black folks) are still getting arrested for having weed on them. The arrest rates for Black and Latino minors in Colorado specifically skyrocketed after weed became legal. What’s funny is the arrest rates for white minors went down in the same period. It’s almost as if since cops couldn’t arrest the adults they wanted, they just went after kids. Funny, right?

The legal weed movement is full of “420 blaze it”, “dreadlock” wearing, Bob Marley caricature loving, white ass hippies and Libertarians whose only concern is being able to smoke a joint with their friends. They don’t give not nary a fuck about the prison industrial complex and disproportionate arrest rates.

The people who do care are, quite unfortunately, drowned out by the noise from those who simply don’t want the government to blow their high. Hopefully, this will change. If it doesn’t, nothing will change for PoC. It’ll just be business as usual.



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One thought on “Day 21: Legal Weed Ain’t Helping

  1. The way the media make sit sound, anyone can use it. Reality seems to be an excuse to get more weed in peoples pockets to make arrests of certain groups. Up here in Canada the debate is on to legalize it nation wide. I sadly have similar concerns here about policing and access.


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