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Day 26: A Story Idea

For the longest time, I’ve had an idea for a story floating around in my head. It would be about a Black bisexual vampire who was turned when she was around 35. She’s a hopeless romantic and for some reason keeps falling in love with humans. After hundreds of years of this, she gets sick of having her heart broken when they inevitably die or when they react badly to what she is and leave her. She swears off love for good and vows to never fall in love again.

As soon as she does that, she meets a guy and his girlfriend. They’re both kind and fun to be around and as a plus they’re both vampires too. They’re the first vampire friends she’s had in centuries. The others have this weird ass superiority complex that she hates. They act like royalty when the bulk of them were broke as shit when they were turned and a good number of them are about a century younger than her.

Eventually, she falls in love again. The problem is, this time she’s fallen in love with both the man and his girlfriend. She has no earthly idea what to do about it. She soon decides to cut off contact with them both to spare herself the heartache. What she doesn’t know is they love her too. They refuse to let her go, and when they find her they tell her how they feel. The three of them decide since they all love each other, they should be together. The story ends with them living happily ever after.

I love this idea so much. I’m sure there’s stuff out there sorta like it, but I’ve never heard of this exact thing before. I’ve told myself for the longest time that I’d never be able to write this because I just didn’t have the skill or talent. Now though, I think I could do it if I take it piece by piece. If I do decide to write some of it, and I think I will, I think I’ll post the parts on Patreon as a reward. I’d value the feedback. It would definitely help me refine it and maybe turn it into something worth publishing.



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