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Day 29: The Tragic Tale of Serena Hawke and Anders

Today I have decided to tell the tragic tale of Serena and Anders. For those of you who don’t know, Anders is a character from Dragon Age 2. He’s bisexual and romanceable like most of the companions. Theirs is a sad story, but it’s one I love.

Serena Hawke fell for Anders fast. He was cute, funny, and loved to crack jokes. Most importantly though, she loved his drive. She loved that he had this goal and he was working so hard to achieve it. It also helped that his goal was in line with her own beliefs.

After they got back from the deep roads and Bethany was taken by the templars, Serena was crushed and Anders was there to help her pick up the pieces. He would check in on her everyday to make sure she was doing ok and would invite her to help him in the clinic to distract her when she needed it. Also, during the 3 years in between Acts 1 and 2, Anders would use his contacts in the Gallows to check up on Bethany to make sure she was ok. He swore to himself that if the templars even looked like they were going to make Bethany tranquil, he’d get her out of there as soon as possible. By the time Act 2 rolled around, they’d developed a very close relationship and it was getting hard for both of them to hide how the felt about one another.

After Leandra’s death, Serena was just… broken. It was hard for her to function for the longest time. She had lost so much, so many people, and the one person she had left, the one person she was trying her absolute hardest to give the life she thought they deserved was gone now too. Not only was that person gone, they were taken from her by a murderer she had attempted to track years earlier.

In the midst of her going through all those emotions, running scenario after scenario in her head, Anders was there once again to support her, give her strength, and get her to focus when she needed it most. The rest of the companions were there to offer condolences and whatever help they could, but Anders was the one by her side everyday. He was there in the morning when she woke up and held her as she slept. He was there to comfort her in the middle of the night after a nightmare and laugh with her as she remembered the good times. Her mother’s death was a turning point for her. It was the moment Serena completely fell into her relationship with Anders. She trusted him with her life and would do anything he asked her to do.

That trust came back to bite her in the ass in Act 3. When Anders said he found a way to separate himself from Justice, she believed him. She was elated at the possibility. She saw how that connection was wearing on him and she was so happy that she’d possibly be able to help him. After they went around the world and back looking for ingredients, and he told her that he was actually doing something different, she was slightly shocked. She didn’t want to think too much about it though. So he wanted her to talk to the Grand Cleric for a bit? That’s not too bad. It was an odd request, yes, but maybe he was just meeting with some sympathizers and didn’t want her to interrupt. Serena thought of every excuse in the world to justify Anders’ actions because she did not want to listen to that voice in the back of her head that had been steadily growing louder, telling her that something was wrong. Some part of her deep down just knew that when Anders said so long ago that he was going to break her heart, he was right.

After Anders did what he did and the Chantry was gone and all those people were dead, she was left with the choice of what to do with him. At that point Serena felt as though she was cursed by the Maker. Everyone she loved was either dead or taken from her and now she was left with the choice of possibly killing the love of her life. She couldn’t do it. She could not kill him. She just loved him too much. There was no way she’d let him fight by her side, that trust was shattered the moment he decided to commit mass murder, but she couldn’t kill him either. So she let him go. He would live to see the consequences of his actions. The destruction of the Chantry, the war between mages and templars, the tear in the Veil that threatened all of Thedas. He would live to see every bit of it and he would do it without the love and support of the one woman he loved most.



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