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Day 41: The Inquisition

So, my life is shit today but I don’t wanna focus on that. Instead, I want to think about something that makes me happy. Last night I went on a bit of a Dragon Age rant, so today I wanna do it again. Here’s my headcannon for the structure of the Inquisition in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It doesn’t make sense to me that an organization as big and powerful as the Inquisition is supposed would only have one leader. Maybe they’d have one person the be the outward “face” of it (which is what I believe Aendis is) but there’s no way they’d leave it to one person to make all the major decisions.

For me, it’s a joint rule type of situation. Cassandra and Cullen are in charge of the troops. Cullen’s mainly in charge of training, figuring out where to station new troops, and the templars the Inquisition managed to recruit. Cassandra consults with Cullen on troop movements and battle plans. She also advises Aendis on their missions and battle plans.

Leliana and Varric are in charge of spies and scouts. They both have spy networks so they coordinate on where their people are going and who they’re getting information from so they don’t overlap. Varric’s stories also come in handy when it comes to garnering goodwill with the public. A Dalish elf and lone survivor of the Conclave disaster being the “Herald of Andraste” didn’t go over well with many people and Varric was able with a few well placed words to mitigate a lot of the damage.

Josephine is ambassador and works very closely with Aendis and Varric. Josephine works with the humans, nobles most specifically, while Aendis is the liaison between both city and Dalish elves and the Inquisition. The fighting displaced many city elves and Aendis invited as many as she could to Skyhold. Some of the more open Dalish elves welcomed in a few of the displaced city elves who were open to living with them, and working with Josephine she found sanctuary for the rest in other towns and cities that weren’t hit a hard by the war and had room to spare. The elves in Skyhold gravitated to Aendis and she became a Keeper of a sort for them. She made sure the humans did not bring their prejudices with them and disciplined those who mistreated the elves. Josephine works with Varric when it comes to managing and getting coin for the Inquisition.

Solas is in charge of anything related to the Breach and the Fade because he proved himself to be the most knowledgeable on the subject. He is also one of the people in charge of all things magical. The other people who manage the magical side of the Inquisition are Vivienne, Dorian, and Aendis. Solas and Aendis are the most powerful mages in the Inquisition. It simply wouldn’t make sense for them to not be involved. After the recruit the mages, Vivienne takes control of making sure they are properly supervised and supplied. On that front, she works with Cullen. He makes the templars guard and protect the mages and makes sure they don’t fall into the bad habits that started the war in the first place. Dorian has control over all things Tevinter and Venatori. He also ends up taking an interest in training some of the younger mages that come to the Inquisiton. He agreed to do so under the strict supervision of the templars which led to him earning a lot of respect from people who were skeptical of him and his motives.

Blackwall helps with the training of the soldiers. Sera does her Red Jenny thing and usually comes up with some really good and really useful things for the Inquisition. She also spends time with Blackwall entertaining the children who come in with their parents. Blackwall makes toys for the kids to play with and Sera plays games with them and plays harmless pranks to keep them laughing. (Sera’s a slightly different person in my headcanon. Still quirky but more fun and less… yeah…)

Bull and Krem have the Chargers and they take the jobs that are too big for Aendis and her inner circle but too small or out-of-the-way for the Inquisition solders. Bull’s Ben-Hassrath reports always have good information for the Inquisition. Cole spends his time helping everyone around Skyhold. He also likes talking with Aendis and Solas. They were the two people kindest to him when they got to Skyhold and he thinks they’re the most interesting people there.

Every person in the Inner Circle has a vital role to play and they all have to work together for it to run like a well oiled machine. While Aendis is the face of the Inquisition, she is in no way the sole “leader” and she makes sure everyone knows that. In my headcanon, no one even calls her “Inquisitor,” they either call her Aendis or Lavellan. She insists that people use her name because she refuses to be seen as the sole leader in an organization as large as the Inquisition.




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