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Day 50: A Very Embarrassing Poem

So, I was cleaning my room last night and stumbled upon an old notebook of mine. There were some poems in it (I loved poetry as a teenager), and upon further inspection a couple of pages torn from a notebook. On one of these pages was a poem that I (apparently) wrote almost exactly 13 years ago. I read it and I laughed. Hard. I figured, why not share the hilarity with the world. I feel like we all could use a good laugh and if it comes at the expense of my 14-year-old self, so be it. On that note, I present to you Music.


Some say I’m wise before my time
The mind of a 30-year-old when I’m in my prime.
My mom think’s it’s the music I listen to,
Music that’ll pick you up when you’re blue.
Music hat always stays true
To the ways of the world.
Music that makes you feel blessed to hear it.
Music so good, you can’t help but feel it.

You see, I listen to the modern music,
But it don’t compare to what I love.
What I love is R&B’s old school soul
Artists like Marvin Gaye,
He envisioned a better day.
A better way
For the world and all people
He made us all sit down and question,
“What’s going on in the world today?”

A question that remains unanswered.
Oh, but I can’t forget about my hip-hop roots.
I prefer A Tribe Called Quest
When they wrote a song called
“Bonita Applebum”
I liked LL Cool J when he needed some love
Or when he got gangsta
And said he was bad.

But my all time favorite is Grandmaster Flash
When he wrote that message
And gave everyone a news flash.
Or Aerosmith, Run DMC and Jam master J
When they showed everybody how to walk their way
It just seems that from there to now,
We should have found out how,
To rid ourselves of all racism,
And all of the biased sexism.

We need to get rid of the hatred and greed,
That continues to bleed,
Our country,
Of its patriotism.
It just shocks me to see,
That songs written so long ago
About these very deeds,
Apply now more than ever.

But in ways
It is getting better
The music written by artists past,
Bridged so many social gaps.
Now I see hope on the horizon.
The sun is finally risin’.
I think,
Maybe my music isn’t dyin’.

Maybe it’s tryin’
To make a big comeback.
I look at an artist like Kanye West
He’s the best
That I’ve heard in many years.
And my Dilated Peoples are comin’ back.
It makes me proud,
That my music is comin’ back loud
And strong

I just know this shit can’t be wrong.
Music is my life,
And my soul,
Music is the only thing
That makes me feel whole.

And that, my friends, concludes Masterpiece Teenage Theater. I hope you got as big a laugh out of this as I did.



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