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Day 52: Women, Men, and Sexual Double Standards

Women are criticized and judged for embracing their sexuality. Our culture puts pressure on women to feel guilt for enjoying sex “too much” or for having “too many” partners. Women who have a lot of sex, or are open about enjoying and wanting sex are often viewed as “sluts”. They’re then dismissed as insecure or somehow needing validation from men. We tend to view women who indulge in their sexual desires as weak and lacking control.

Alternatively we often praise men and admire the “power” of men who sleep with many women. We expect them to see their sexual escapades as a source of pride; like it somehow confirms their masculinity. We expect men to “sow their wild oats” before they settle down. If a woman does the same, it is for some reason generally viewed as something shameful. That double standard has always confused and infuriated me.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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