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Day 53: Fat Rant

21bdayThis is a picture of me at my 21st birthday party. There are only two assumptions you can make about me from this picture. The first is that I like Spongebob. The second is that I’m fat. What you can’t assume is that I’m not healthy or I’m lazy.

As a matter or fact, before going to that party I had to work that day. I spent 9 hours in a busy ass store helping customers and rearranging the men’s clothing section by myself. I remember that distinctly because I was pissed that I was doing both my manager’s job and mine, but only getting paid for doing mine. For anyone who doesn’t work in retail, being a sales associate means you’re very active. That day I had to take down and rebuild every display, assist any customer who needed my help, make sure the paperwork on the reset was done, and make frequent trips to stock rooms all around the store. Lazy wasn’t in my vocabulary that day.

I’m also very healthy. The only physical problem I have is with my period. This may be tmi, but the damn thing lasts anywhere from 7 – 14 days. It’s been doing that ever since they started, so I’m pretty damn sure it has nothing to do with me being fat.

What I’m trying to say here is, yes I’m fat. In fact, I’ve put on some weight since this picture was taken. Being fat however doesn’t automatically mean I’m lazy, worthless, and/or riddled with disease. It also doesn’t give you license to make what I wear, eat, or do up for public discussion. I’m a person and should be treated as such. I’m just fine the way I am and I’m not going to change just to make you happy.

Here’s the thing that’s gonna make a lot of you who agree with me tap out: Even if I was lazy and/or riddled with disease because of my fatness, I’d still deserve respect and to be treated like a human being. No matter what, a fat person’s weight, diet, or medical history is none of your business. Unhealthy fat people are people. Disabled fat people are people. Lazy fat people are people, and all of them deserve to be treated with respect.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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