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Day 56: To The Men Who Cheat and The Women they Cheat With

I have a serious question for the women who “date” married men or men in relationships. If a man cheats on his girl to be with you, just what in the fuck do you think he’s gonna do when they break up and he gets with you? Better yet, do you truly and honestly think you’re the only one he’s having sex with on the side? This man just showed you exactly who he is. For lack of a better term, he ain’t shit! He ain’t shit with her and he won’t be shit with you either.

Y’all really out here thinking you can change a dude and make him faithful. Sorry to burst that bubble, but no. If he wants to cheat, he’s gonna do it and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. Babygirl, y’all ain’t gonna live happily ever after. He’s gonna do to you what he did to her, and you’ll end up looking and feeling like a damn fool. If you’re currently in this situation, I strongly suggest you get the hell out now. Get out while you still have some semblance of dignity.

“He’ll be faithful to me.” No he won’t.

“It’s different with us.” No it isn’t.

“He loves me.” No he doesn’t.

He will use you up and toss you to the side like he did the last woman. You are not that special no matter what he says. He will say anything to keep you happy and in his bed. Do not believe him and his lies. How do I know he’s lying? Well he’s lying to his girlfriend/wife, ain’t he? What’s stopping him from lying to you?

Messing around with married or otherwise attached men doesn’t end up good for anybody in the end. The wife or girlfriends is hurt like hell and humiliated, the side chick probably catches some hands or at least gets cussed out and embarrassed, and the same happens to the dude in question.

Cheating is never a good look. If you don’t want somebody, just let the damn relationship go. Yes, it’s gonna hurt and yes your partner will probably be hurt and/or angry for a while. That’s better than cheating, inevitably getting caught, and hurting and humiliating both yourself and your partner.



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