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Day 57: A Note on Videos of Black Death

To anyone saying people “have to” watch a video of a Black person being killed by cops, you’re a sack of shit.

Not just that, you’re a disgusting excuse of a human being. You’re a waste of skin and carbon.

No, no one “has to” watch a video of a Black person’s execution. You just want an excuse to pass around videos of Black death like fucking trading cards.

No one is required to sacrifice their mental health to “prove” they care. You can know and care about what’s happening without viewing or passing around the video.

If you wanna see that shit, I can’t stop you. What you WON’T do is try to guilt trip people into watching that triggering shit.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

2 thoughts on “Day 57: A Note on Videos of Black Death

  1. I’m glad that some people watch to dissect the events and help counter the lies that cops tell to often. But, many of us have reach our limit and it is important to take care of our mental health. I wish that people would think before posting graphic images of violence, just be considerate about it. Don’t set it to autoplay or put images in a feed.

    It is frustrating since images of violence to black people are often not treated with the same sensitivity as images of violence to white people. I wonder if there are any studies on this?


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