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Day 59: Selfie Party!

I’m still too exhausted by recent events to really wrte anything of use to anyone. I also figured we all need a bit of happy and silly in out lives. So, why not get that happy and silly through some snapchat selfies? Please enjoy some selfies featuring my favorite filters: Evil Fairy Flower Crown, Flower Crown with Lipstick, Regular Flower Crown, Dog, Mouse, and Cat.

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Less than a year ago, I never would’ve taken a selfie, much less post six of them and actually think I looked cute. It’s amazing what medication, therapy, and a new start at life can do for your confidence. I’m not all the way where I want to be yet, but I’m slowly but surely getting there. That gives me hope. Maybe one day I’ll be the Carefree Black Girl I’ve always wanted to be.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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