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Day 66: Patreon Goal Update

So, for those of you who are unaware, I have a Patreon page. Until recently my goals were for a decent microphone and camera. Now that I’ve gotten a really good phone, those things aren’t necessary because I can just use my phone for recording. Now I just have to find something worth recording. I won’t waste my time or yours on something subpar.

Since those things are no longer needed, I decided to change my goal. Currently it’s at $200 for a 23andMe DNA test kit. I’ve talked before about how I’m really interested in where exactly my ancestors came from. I’m doing family tree research which really isn’t leading me anywhere, but I’ve always been interested in DNA test kits.

I figured since I have this blog and my Patreon, it’d be a fun little project to do the test and share the results. So, for now, that’s my goal. The test results and my thoughts on them will be made available to patrons first and then released to my blog. If you think this is interesting and want to help out, become my patron and help me get to my goal. Every single dollar helps and is much appreciated.



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