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Day 75: Games and Difficulty Settings

One thing I’ve never understood is how snobby people get when it comes to difficulty settings in games. I don’t understand why some people look down on others for playing casual games or playing games on the lowest difficulty setting. I thought the purpose of playing video games was to have fun. If someone plays on the lowest difficulty setting but is still having fun, who are you to judge them?

I get people coming to me all the time telling me that they’re interested in Mass Effect but they’re really bad at shooters. They want to know if the game is still worth playing or should they just skip it because it would be too difficult. I always tell them that it is definitely worth playing. I make sure to stress that if they have to play on casual that is perfectly fine. You don’t have to play on hardcore or insanity mode for you to be considered a “real” fan or gamer.

If you want a challenge, go right ahead and turn that difficulty setting up! If things are too hard for you and you’re not having fun, don’t be afraid to turn it down if you have to. What matters most is that you’re enjoying yourself. In my humble opinion, if you’re not having fun, there’s no point in playing.



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One thought on “Day 75: Games and Difficulty Settings

  1. The fun factor is arguably the most important aspect for me when it comes to video games and I agree with you on your views on the difficulty settings, they are their for a reason so as many people can enjoy the game as possible


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