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Day 76: CBT and Me

So, as detailed in this post, CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. It focuses on goal setting, the present, and the future rathter than things that happened in your past. I’ve been going through this kind of therapy for around five to six months now and it’s been going well. it’s getting to the point though where I feel like I’ve gotten everything I could out of it. At the same time, I don’t feel like I’m done with therapy as a whole.

The short term, goal setting was fine at first. It helped center myself and get me on what I feel like is a good path. I pushed myself to do things I thought I’d never do and helped me not give up on them when things got rough. That said, I feel like it’s not enough.

Anyone who knows me or has read some of my posts here, knows I have been though a lot in my life. I’ve been through more than one person probably should ever go through in such a short lifetime. That said, I always downplay everything that’s happened to me because I truly belive other people have had it worse. I’ve also blocked out most of the worst bits and refuse to discuss or deal with it for reasons I’m not even that sure of.

That’s why I feel like I need to swich the type of therapy I’m doing to something that will address my past. I have a lot of unresolved issues lingering there and I finally feel ready to confront them. I don’t know what kind of therapy I need, but hopefully I’ll find something that’s right for me.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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