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Day 78: “Gender Critical” was Ruined by TERFs

I find it so interesting that the “anti-gender”, “gender critical”, and “gender abolitionist” feminists are pretty much always transphobic/transmisogynistic. When I first heard those terms, my first thought was that these people rejected gender norms and a strict gender binary. I thought that these would be people rejecting the idea that penis = man and vagina = woman. 

I thought these would be people open to the idea of multiple different genders outside of the binary of men and women. I thought that these would be people accepting of different forms of gender expression too. I was really wrong. Turns out that TERFs just put a revolutionary sounding name on their usual bullshit. That’s so disappointing. I just hear these titles and I think of how awesome and inclusive and truly revolutionary it could be, but TERFs ruined it with their bullshit.

What if gender critical spaces were devoted to discussing and dismantling the gender binary? What if gender critical spaces were devoted to supporting and lobbying for trans/genderqueer/nonbinary/bigender/agender/etc people? What if gender critical spaces supported alternative forms of gender expression and encouraged ppl to explore their own gender and expression of it?

The world would be one hell of a better place if that were true, but alas, TERFs have poisoned the well.



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One thought on “Day 78: “Gender Critical” was Ruined by TERFs

  1. I feel the same way.

    Dismantling gender, being sceptical about gender should mean liberating people from strict gender policing, letting them be free to be who they need to be, including how they see and present themselves, what words they use to describe themselves, what social roles they might consensually adopt and even what choices they might make about their physical bodies.

    I don’t know how TERFs have managed to twist things so much that they believe being critical of gender involves forcing people to be defined according to their biological sex and to only use the words and concepts that society associates with their biological sex. That is not being critical or sceptical about gender and it definitely isn’t abolishing it – it’s downright conservative and reinforcing of gender.

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