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Day 84: Cops are giving out ice cream (and it’s scary as hell).

So, in the news today, there’s a story about “good” cops (their word, not mine) pulling people over to give them ice cream. A lot of people find this stunt cute, but for me it’s my worst nightmare. I think that for anyone with anxiety issues, this qualifies as a worst case scenario type of thing. Simply reading the title of the article made my blood run cold.

In the article, they say “she breaks down in tears of joy” when she gets the ice cream cones. All I could think was “yeah, she was probably relieved she wasn’t shot or dead”. This publicity stunt comes at a time where cops maiming and killing people is extremely well documented and only days after Korryn Gaines was killed in her home by cops and her five-year-old son shot.

Now is not the time for cops anywhere to be pulling this Mayberry-esque, “we promise we’re good”, type of stunt. This solves nothing. If anything, it exacerbates the problem. They’re using their power in a feeble attempt at getting some good press. This is nothing but another misuse of power by police. We need real solutions and action, not cheap publicity stunts. This type of action shows that cops aren’t ready for any type of real change. All they want to do is change the narrative and take the heat off of themselves so they can get back to business as usual.



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