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Day 88: The Green Party Needs to Get Serious

The Green party needs to do better if it wants to really get anywhere. For example, like many before me have said, they have got to start really reaching out communities and not just during pres election years. Hell, they barely reach out during presidential election years. I’ve NEVER seen anything about the Green party in my neighborhood.

I’ve been voting for ten years and have never gotten anything in my door or in the mail about the Green party. I don’t see Green party candidates on the ballot. I don’t see commercials about Green party candidates. I only knew Jill Stein was running because of twitter. I ain’t heard shit about her or from her offline.

Now, I’m no political strategist, but even I know that’s no way to run a campaign. You have to get out there, in the local communities, and really engage with the people to build a base.

Go to local communities and ask them what they need and want. Get people registered to vote even if they’re not in your party. Canvas neighborhoods and let people know you’re an option. Get your people on the ballot for really small local things like county positions and then move up to state.

You have to start really small before you go for the big job. You can’t just up and decide, “hey, we’re gonna run a candidate for president” and think you’re actually gonna win. It’s not that easy. It takes time. You’re gonna lose a lot of races and it’ll be a long time before anyone takes you seriously, but if you’re willing to put in the work it can be done.



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