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Day 90: Correcting False Assumptions about Feminism

Over on twitter, I saw a thread spreading ridiculous falsehoods about feminism. I could have simply laughed it off like I normally do, but something told me to go point by point and address the claims made, so I did. Here is my thread from twitter for your reading enjoyment. The original threads can be found here.

  1. If women can’t get equal pay for equal work, where is this “equal opportunity” you speak of?

  2. Who said every man is a potential rapist? Who said only men could be rapists?

  3. Men are not sexualized in the way that women are. You know that, I know that, stop being willfully ignorant.

  4. It’s not my “womanhood” that oppresses me, it’s how society views women and “womanhood”.

  5. Double standards do, to some extent, exist for men but they are far more damaging for women.

  6. Again, who is demonizing men? I only see women speaking their truth. If that’s viewed as demonizing men, what does that say about men?

  7. Patriarchy exists and women are most definitely oppressed by it.

  8. Lots of things are gender issues. Don’t like it? Work to change it.

  9. Sexual health is definitely a right and responsibility. That’s why feminists are working towards everybody having access to reproductive and sexual healthcare.

  10. Feminists shaming women who don’t take the label is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. I have seen this happen before.

  11. There are lots of feminists who love to cook and do so for their significant other gladly. Some feminists are even submissive. Shocking, isn’t it?

  12. Feminism doesn’t portray women as weak. It says women are just as capable as men. Patriarchy says women are weak and inferior.

  13. Feminism says it doesn’t give a shit what you do with your body hair. It’s yours to shave or let grow. I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

  14. People can blow things out of proportion, but feminism as a whole doesn’t. Again, I don’t know what your point was.

  15. I know in the US, the Constitution was built to protect rich white landowners and white supremacy. Women weren’t included.

  16. You definitely can fight for equal gender rights without calling yourself a feminist. I agree with that. (Side note: Doesn’t this kinda contradict number 1 where you said “we live in a society of equal opportunity not equal outcome”? If we have equal opportunity and equal outcome, doesn’t that mean we don’t have to fight for gender rights?)

  17. I agree again. Not being a feminist doesn’t automatically mean you want men to have more rights. Who is saying the opposite?

  18. There’s definitely a war on women & it’s been going since before Eve was blamed for the first sin.

  19. The way society views women makes being a woman harder than being a man. We face challenges that men simply do not face.

  20. I can count on one hand the amount of women I’ve seen say “men are your enemy” and they don’t consider themselves feminist. If anything, mainstream feminism has become so focused on catering towards men, it’s lost sight of the original goal. Look at the “he for she” shit. Mainstream feminism’s main focus is getting men to rock with them, sometimes at the expense of other women. Look at how long they let Hugo Schwyzer cook. Look at how they lost their shit over Matt McGorry. Mainstream feminism loves men.

The point of all of this is most of what you’ve heard about feminism is complete and total bullshit. No, feminism is not perfect. Nothing really ever is. That said, feminism is (supposed to be) dedicated to ensuring gender equality.

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