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Day 92: An Example of Medical Fatphobia

There are some people who don’t think there are doctors out there who tell fat people the solution to all their problems is to lose weight.  Well, let me tell a little story I think I’ve told before…

About five years ago, soon after I had my first child I found a small lump in my breast. Breast cancer is something that my family takes very seriously. My grandmother had it, my mother had a scare when she was young, and my aunt had breast cancer and ended up getting a mastectomy. Knowing this, I was truly freaking out when I found it. I immediately called the clinic I went to as soon as I found it and they told me to come in ASAP.

Since I came in on such short notice, my regular doctor wasn’t able to see me. One of the other doctors in the practice saw and examined me herself. She was concerned enough to set up an appointment at a cancer hospital to get it checked out. Before I left, she made sure to tell me that losing weight could also be a possible solution.

Yes, this doctor, knowing my family’s history with breast cancer, looked at me and essentially said “It could possibly be cancer so we’re gonna get it checked out, but it’s probably just because you’re fat. Lose some weight.”

Doctors are not infallible. They are human. They have human prejudices.



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