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Day 94: Stop saying women are “the female ____”

The whole “____ is the female ____” feels sexist as shit to me. Like, we can’t acknowledge women as being good on their own, we have to compare them to some male benchmark. I really hate it when it comes to Katie Ledecky in particular.

She’s out here breaking her own world records. She’s winning gold medals and leaving her competitors in the dust. She’s one badass human being all on her own. No comparison to any male athlete is needed. You wanna know how badass she is? Look at her record. It speaks for itself.

Katie Ledecky is Katie Ledecky; no comparisons needed, wanted, or really even relevant. She’s amazing all on her own and can be acknowledged as such. The same goes for any female athlete out there. The next time you wanna say a woman is “the female ____”, think about why you’re saying that. You may find that the comparison you’re about to make is completely irrelevant.



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