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Day 96: “He feared for his life.”

I remember watching one of those cop clip shows a while back and they showed video of a white dude sitting in a chair on someone’s lawn. He had a gun in his hand and was threatening to shoot everyone and himself. He was waving it around as he yelled. All cops had guns drawn.

When he had stopped yelling, one cop shot the gun out of his hand and they took him down without anyone getting seriously hurt. Every time I see these stories of cops killing folks and hear about how they were “afraid for their lives” or “had no choice”, I think back to that video.

I’m sure the cops in that situation also feared for their lives. They still found a way to resolve the situation without killing someone. It can be done. They know it and we know it. The problem is, they simply don’t want to deescalate the situation and/or take someone down without the use of deadly or excessive force.



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