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Day 98: Stop blaming every bad thing on mental illness.

How many times has it been pointed out and PROVEN that people with mental illnesses are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators? But nah… Y’all don’t wanna hear that shit. You’d rather hope every bad thing someone does can be blamed on a mental illness. You refuse to believe that the “normal” people are capable and more than willing to do fucked up shit. It’s the “normal” people out here killing folks like me because they’re “afraid.” (Can I also just point out for a second how much I really fucking hate the word “normal”?)

Do you understand how damaging it is to blame every violent or racist action, every shooting, every murder on “mental illness?” Do you understand how damaging it is to say you hope someone who committed a violent act has a mental illness? Hell, I think the real question here is do you even care?

When you do this, you contribute to the stigma that gets people like me killed. YOU. ARE. KILLING. ME. That is not an exaggeration. That is not hyperbole. You are getting people like me KILLED when you say shit like this. How many people will mental illnesses have been killed by cops just this year? I have to worry that if someone ever calls 911 to“help” me, the people who show up just might kill me and blame it on my bipolar disorder. If someone kills me, they’re gonna blame it on my bipolar and people will think I “deserved” to die. Combine that with my Black skin and people will celebrate my death. That’s the shit I think about every damn day.

When you say shit like “that person was obviously mentally ill,” you add to that. When you say shit like “oh I hope that person had a mental illness,” you add to the stigma. When you say shit like “oh well a mental illness is the only explanation for why they did this,” you add to the stigma. Don’t you fucking dare call yourself an “activist” if you let that shit fall from your lips.

I’m also really not here for your “racism is a mental illness” bullshit, especially from you white progressives. Most of y’all love using that shit as a way to separate yourselves from the racists like you couldn’t possibly be racist because you’re “normal.” Plenty of y’all “normal” people are racist as shit. Stop acting like “normal” people are capable of that bullshit. Sometimes “normal” people do and say really fucked up shit and it has NOTHING to do with mental illness.



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