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Day 99: Men are terrified of intelligent women.

They’re so damn scared they go out of their way to “prove” how they’re so much smarter. When men say they like intelligent women, what they really mean is “I like intelligent women but not women who are more intelligent than me.”

Men are also scared of women who know, own, and embrace their sexuality. They are so scared that the fear morphs into some sick twisted hatred. They hate these women so much, they do everything they can to tear them down.

Where do you think the terms “whore”, “ slut”, and “thot” come from? Scared ass men who want to tear down the women who know what they want and won’t settle until they get it. They try to attach stigma to women embracing & enjoying sex and sexuality in the hopes that other women will be too afraid to do the same. Lately this tactic has been backfiring and the poor scared babies don’t know what to do. That’s why so many of them are lashing out. They’re like toddlers throwing a temper tantrum. It’s actually quite pathetic.

The men who claim to want “queens” are the most hilarious and pathetic of them all. They lay out rules for what queens can and cannot do like they can control a fucking queen. The last time I checked, a Queen was a fucking ruler. She has no use for your permission. She does as she pleases.

You obey her and do her bidding. It’s not the other way around. You don’t really want a queen. You couldn’t handle it. The men who swear up and down they only want queens aren’t even worthy of being in her presence. Most of you wouldn’t even make good servants. There’s no way in hell you could even be next to a queen, let alone be a king.



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