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Day 101: Fatphobia, Body Shaming, and Trump

Here are some thoughts I had on twitter last night. I want to put them here too because I feel it’s pretty important.

That naked Trump statue was fucking gross. That’s like a massive violation. There are some lines you just don’t cross. We all got mad at Kanye when he put naked wax figures of people out there for the world to see, right? Well, this is just as wrong. I know we all hate Trump, but damn dude, criticize the shit he actually does and says.

Why not make a statue of Trump with a wall around himself since he wants to build a wall so damn bad? I’m no artist, but that seems like a better idea than a statue of a naked man that people are gonna gawk at & say “lol he’s fat”. This just smacks of fat people not being welcome in progressive spaces. Like, stay with me on this for a second.

How are us fat folks supposed to feel when y’all are going around laughing at a fat man’s body? That’s supposed to make us feel good? And I know y’all are gonna come with the “but we don’t mean YOU” bullshit, and it’s just that. BULLSHITThis is just another thing we can put in #FatSideStories. Skinny progressive people thinking it’s cool to laugh at a fat body because Trump. Instead of going in on AAAALLLLLLLLLL the horrific shit he’s said AND DONE, y’all wanna laugh at the fat dude. What the fuck?

And deadass? I fucking HATE y’all for making me defend Trump. Nah, you know what? This isn’t a defense of Trump. This is a defense of ME. You made bodies like mine the butt of your joke and that’s not fucking okay. Fuck you for that. Fuck each and every last one of you. You people do this shit all the fucking time. You did it with Chris Christie too. Instead of criticizing his words and actions, it was all “lol, fat guy”.

Every single fucking time there’s a fat person you don’t like, it’s straight to the fat jokes. It’s just lazy at this point. I know the whole “but it’s about hypocrisy he spouts when it comes to women’s bodies” argument. It still boils down to “but he’s fat!” 

“He talks about women’s bodies and judges them, but he’s fat!!!” That’s what that argument sounds like.

“He talks about women’s bodies, but look! Tiny penis on a fat guy!!!”

Y’all have gone from “tiny hands” to “fat guy with small penis, come laugh with us”. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I can’t rock with that. Even the “tiny hands” thing felt like it was alluding to a small penis joke. I mean, look, small penis humiliation is a kink. If you get off on that, do you. Just do you with a consenting partner. What you DON’T get to do is humiliate someone who didn’t consent to that. That’s fucked up. That’s bullshit.

Can I also touch on how this is also essentially like spreading around someone’s nudes and laughing at them with a friend? Like, even if Trump doesn’t look like that, you essentially put his nude body on display for the world to see WITHOUT his consent. Do you NOT see how fucked that is? That’s why nude statues, paintings, & pics of people made/taken w/o their consent make me uncomfortable. Shit like that is a violation on so many levels. I just don’t get how people were cool with that, but whatever I guess. And with all that said, it’s still #FuckTrump over here.



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