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Day 117: Apology Writing Services

Have you screwed up on the Internet or even offline?

Are you now the subject of a massive call-out?

Do you need to write an apology but have no idea what to say or what you did?

Well you’re in luck! Here at, I offer premium apology writing services. I’ll help you understand exactly what you did wrong, why people are mad at you, and what you need to do to make things right. I’ll help you craft an apology that will show you understand what you did wrong and you’re on your way to fixing your mistake. I’ll do all of this for a very reasonable price. Email me today and we’ll start you on your way to a proper apology!

In light of many celebrities fucking up and offering insincere apologies afterward (*cough* Lena Dunham *cough*), I figure an apology understanding and writing service is desperately needed. Might as well put the offer out there, right?



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