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Day 119: Fat People and Sex

Why is it a joke? No, seriously. Why do people consider it something to laugh at? Fat people are either viewed as asexual beings or the butt of sexual “gross out” jokes. It’s all over social media, in movies, in tv shows, everywhere.

I remember a while back on tumblr seeing a picture of a nude fat couple. They looked happy and in love and comfortable in their own bodies. One person commented on how “little” the man’s penis was and wondered how they had sex. Do you get it? Since they’re both fat they can’t possibly have sex. (I hope you all feel the sarcasm dripping off of that.)

Like I said in an earlier post, fat people are people. We do things, including have sex. Some of us have lots of sex. Some of us have kinky sex. Some of us even have sex with other fat people! Sex is a thing we do, with gusto. Asking about the mechanics of our sex lives is creepy, if not downright insulting.

You’re insinuating that our bodies are not capable of pleasure and any attempt we make at experiencing that pleasure is a joke. Do you not see how fucked up that is? Would you ask a skinny person how they have sex? Would you view sex between two thin people as a joke? Hell no. It’s “normal” to you. Our sex is viewed as deviant or even disgusting. It’s infuriating to be quite honest.

This is a conversation best had with multiple viewpoints, so don’t be afraid to comment below with your own thoughts on fat people, sex, and why it’s viewed as a joke to many.



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