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Day 120: “Stop glorifying obesity!”

Why is this phrase uttered anytime a fat person does, well, anything? Any time we post pictures of ourselves happy, smiling, enjoying ourselves, and just not hating our bodies or actively losing weight, someone comes with that phrase.


What is your point?

Why do you believe that my selfies or my outfit is somehow “glorifying obesity”?

I don’t get it. Do you want me to hate myself? Well, that’s not gonna happen. I spent way too much time doing that when I was younger and wasted precious years of my life trying to fit the “ideal body”.

No more.

I’m gonna love the skin I’m in and all the fat that’s wrapped up in it whether you like it or not.

So, nah. I’m not gonna stop “glorifying obesity”.

I’m gonna keep doing it.

I deserve it.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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