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Day 122: JK done did it again!

More retroactive “representation”! Give her a hand everyone!


This time she decided that Remus Lupin’s lycanthropy was a metaphor for illnesses that have stigma attached to them like HIV and AIDS. My initial reaction upon hearing this was “I thought everyone knew that.” I could have sworn I saw someone, somewhere on social media discussing how Lupin was a metaphor for people living with HIV. It may have just been a fan theory.

That brings me to my second reaction. Is JK just digging through fan theories to find something she can retroactively say is canon? That’s what it feels like at this point. Between this, saying Dumbledore was gay, and the majority of Cursed Child, it really feels like she’s just going through AO3 and picking whatever she likes to make canon.

It’s quite sad actually. It’s almost like she doesn’t wanna let go of the Harry Potter universe. In the process of not letting go, she’s kinda destroying what she built. It really sucks and I (and about 95% of the fandom) really wish she would just stop. Just let go and let the fans have fun and develop theories. Let us have fun and she can go off and create something new and wonderful (or just play in all that money she’s made off of Harry Potter).



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3 thoughts on “Day 122: JK done did it again!

  1. When pressed about her lack of religious diversity she pointed to this one character with a Jewish surname mentioned once in the series, during the roll call before the sorting hat ceremony. Like, wow, such great representation there!


  2. I’ve always thought that Lupin was suppose to represent people who get excluded for having any kind of disease, but to be honest I’ve always thought is was bipolar disorder, but HIV makes sense too I guess.
    Also, about Dumbledore being gay, she’s said before that she came to that conclusion when her husband suggested that he could end u with McGonagall (or at least I would swear I read that somewhere).
    Now, I don’t wanna think that she is indeed searching for fan theories. But if she did find something around and thought “well, that actually makes a lot of sense”, how bad would that be? She created the characters, but I think the Harry Potter Universe has turned in something much bigger than her a long time ago; characters developed on their own and we can try to guess some things, maybe it just so happened that we got it right sometimes.
    To what Mia above said, I think you mean ethnical representation, because there’s no mention in the books of the character’s religion or lack of it. Sure it would have been nice to have more groups of people represented (as with everything else) but this all doesn’t take away from the books themselves I think. Hopefully, on her next project she’ll do a better job.
    Lastly, as a Pottered myself, I think she shouldn’t keep adding to the Harry Potter universe because it will be very hard for her to do something that even resembles how great HP was. however, I don’t want to think that we won’t get any more new information about that universe I love so much, so even tho I think she should stop, I’m gonna keep reading whatever she puts out there (a great example of this is The Cursed Child, with wasn’t amazing, but it felt nice to be reading HP related stuff for the first time again).
    Sorry for the really long comment, when someone mentions HP I can’t stop.


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