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Day 125: Another Story Idea

This one is for fanfiction though. It’s an idea I’ve had for a few years now. It would be an attempt to address sexism and racism in the ME universe.

It’s set during the six months Shepard was locked up. She had kind of a rough day and James suggest that they watch a movie to take her mind off the bs. She’s looking through titles and comes across one made after the SR-1 blew up that’s supposed to be about her life.

She thinks it’ll be funny to see, but James doesn’t think it’s a good idea because he’s already seen it and he knows how bad they fucked some shit up. But Shep gets her way and they watch it and it turns out that the movie is just that Hollywood type racist.

I want the fic to specifically address colorism/racism and racialized sexism in the ME universe. For instance, one of the things Shep gets really pissed about is the person they cast to play her. Shepard is a darkskinned girl but they cast a woman about 5 shades lighter than her to play her.

Another thing that pisses Shep off is their use of stereotypes. When they go over her Tenth Street Red days, they portray her as the sexually promiscuous “jezebel” and her use of AAVE is meant to be a “bad” thing. When they get to the part after she joins the Alliance, they transform her into “mammy” and they have her speak more Standard English in a weird attempt to make it look like she’s becoming a “better” person.

As this clusterfuck of a movie is going down, you get two PoC, James Vega a Latino man and Shepard a Black woman, talking about the prevalence of colorism, racism, and racialized sexism in their society.



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