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Day 136: About the word “breeder”.

Can we very briefly talk about the word “breeder” and how it’s truly disgusting and should never be applied to human beings*? (*in my very humble opinion)

Here’s the thing, when you call people “breeders” you’re reducing people to their reproductive organs. That’s not cool. You’re also equating people to domesticated animals. Do I really need to go into why that’s not ok?

When you use that term to describe Black people, specifically Black women, you bring up images and a history that cannot be unseen or unthought. It may not be your intent to bring up those images or invoke that history, but ya did it!

Now, here’s the thing. There is a such thing as a breeder fetish. (DON’T GOOGLE THAT) If that is what gets your rocks off, fine. Do you. Go find a consenting partner.

What you, childfree folks, and gays and lesbians WON’T DO is use that term all willy-motherfucking-nilly & think you won’t get cussed clean the fuck out.

So yeah. That’s why I fuckin hate the term “breeder”. If you use it…




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