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Day 138: Teespring Size Limitations

While bored and dicking around on Teespring, a question popped into my head. Where is the Teespring for fat people? Where’s the Teespring for XL or XXL and up?

That’s something that I really think is necessary. I wanna make shirts for my fellow fat people. I’d love to make a “Fat, Loud, & Proud” shirt, but it would come in sizes below a XL. I could totally see someone who wears a small buying that for shits and giggles and that would really hurt my heart.

I want us fat people to have a fun little platform that makes shirts just for us. If that exists somewhere, let me know. I’d buy and sell shit from there in a heartbeat. If it doesn’t exist, someone smarter than me needs to get on that and cut me in on the profit. It’s my idea so I deserve a cut.



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