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Day 139: About Damien Hawke

Oh Damien, how I love you so. I love him so much that, while I’ve played many Hawkes, he is my canon. I wrote out his life story before the blight hit and it’s (in my humble opinion) one of the best things I’ve ever done. So here it is, the backstory for Damien Hawke.

My dear Damien Hawke. He led a very interesting life even before the Blight hit and he fled to Kirkwall with his family.

The Hawkes were no strangers to moving. In 9:18 Dragon, when Bethany and Carver were just six years old, Bethany showed signs of magic for the first time. They were living in West Hills and all the children were playing outside. Damien was a very outgoing child and always had a large group of friends. Carver wanted to be just like his big brother and always tagged along behind him.

Bethany on the other hand was a quiet child. She was content to simply sit in a field of flowers and enjoy the fresh air and quiet. Some of the neighborhood trouble makers had come by to bother her on this particular day. She got so mad from the teasing that tiny sparks shot from her fingers and shocked the little boys. They immediately pegged her as a mage and ran off to tell their parents. Bethany ran home as fast as she could to tell her father, Malcolm, what had happened. They immediately packed up everything they could and moved to Honnleath.

For the next couple of years they moved from Honnleath to Redcliffe and finally to Lothering. All of the moving and instability had taken a toll on the social Damien and his family as a whole. He hated having to leave his friends behind with every move and felt pressured to be the “man of the house.” Both Bethany and Malcolm were hiding from Templars and obviously couldn’t spend too much time outside the house. Leandra took what jobs she could but they didn’t bring in much money. Carver was no longer as sociable as he once was. Ever since Bethany showed magical tendencies, he felt ignored. Bethany got extra attention from their father while he taught her how to use and hide her magic and Leandra and Damien were always busy trying to make money for the family.

In 9:23 Dragon, on Damien’s 18th birthday, he decided to leave Lothering and set out on his own. Carver was livid when he left. He felt as though Damien was abandoning him and the family. While Malcolm and Leandra didn’t want him to leave, they understood that there were some lessons he had to learn on his own. Bethany hugged him and cried and made him promise to write them every week.

Damien found his way to Amaranthine and took a job as a mercenary. He did quite a bit of hunting back in Lothering and was very proficient with a bow. While in Amaranthine he met his first love, Lucien Delacroix. He was the most beautiful man Damien had ever seen. Lucien stood five inches taller than him at 6’ 3″ and had a slightly muscular frame. He had beautiful, blemish free, dark brown skin and piercing hazel eyes. His favorite part of Lucien though was his lips. Those lips could do both terrible and wonderful things to Damien.

Lucien was also a rogue and taught him how to effectively use both daggers and grenades. While Damien was good at his job, he still found it quite boring. It wasn’t easy to make friends with the locals when you’re known for collecting debts and assassinations. By his second year in Amaranthine, he’d come to hate his job and the city. His relationship with Lucien had started to fizzle out and he was growing more and more frustrated with the repetitive jobs the mercenary company gave him. Eventually he decided to take the Pilgrim’s Path down to Denerim and see what he could find there.

Once in Denerim, Damien was immediately drawn to The Pearl. The people were friendly, sociable, and very attractive. It was definitely his kind of place. The owner, Sanga, took an immediate liking to the gregarious and attractive newcomer. She also noticed a slight uptick in sales in both drinks and other services whenever the flirtatious young man was around. She offered him a job behind the bar and he took it immediately. Damien was right at home at the bar. The other workers loved when he was there because he’d always keep the customers from getting out of hand. Sanga loved him because he was able to sell drinks like no one else and flirted just enough to get the customers in the perfect mood to visit one of the workers in the back.

By his second year there, he was ready to move from behind the bar to a room of his own. As soon as there was an opening, he asked Sanga if he could fill it and she agreed. He thoroughly enjoyed his new job. He entertained clients of all genders and races and rarely had a bad experience. He had quite a few regulars and was raking in a fair bit of money. Damien was also very happy to take jobs with others whenever requested.

In 9:27 Dragon, close to Damien’s 22nd birthday, he got a letter from his mother that made his heart stop. There had been an accident and his father was dead. He immediately went to Sanga to explain the situation and she understood completely. She would miss him, as would everyone else at The Pearl, but there were some things more important than money. He packed up all his things and headed for Lothering as soon as he could.

He returned to a family divided. Bethany had learned to fully control her magic, but she was more quiet than he remembered her being. Leandra was inconsolable. Malcolm was the love of her life and she didn’t know what to do without him. Carver was seemingly angry at the world. He was angry at their father for dying, angry at Damien for seemingly abandoning them, angry at their mother for her crying, angry at Bethany for her perceived quiet indifference, and angry at himself for his helplessness. Damien used his earnings from The Pearl to give their father a proper funeral and fix up the house as best he could. Once that money ran out, he started taking any odd jobs around Lothering but they never seemed to pay enough.

In 9:28 Dragon, Damien decided the best course of action would be to join the Ferelden Army. They paid well enough to keep him and his family afloat. When he told his family of his plans, Leandra and Bethany immediately understood. They knew this would be the best way to keep the family safe. Carver, on the other hand, felt that this was Damien running away from the family again. They argued for weeks about his decision and Carver said many things he really didn’t mean. In the end, Damien left for the Army and Carver joined him a year later.

In 9:30 Dragon, the Blight hit and everything went to hell. Damien and Carver fight side by side at Ostagar and are witnesses to the betrayal. When the signal is lit and no relief comes, they know the battle is lost. They fight their way to Lothering, to their mother and sister, and barely make it there in time. The town is burning, besieged by Darkspawn and they have to leave with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and the change in their pockets. They thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, but that was before they ran into the Ogre.



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