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Day 145: First Impressions 

I’m tired today, so here’s a little throwaway thing I wrote on Medium a while back.

He walks through the door of the coffee shop and spots her quickly, sitting at a table near the window. He sighs in relief; this one looks just like her picture. Neatly braided hair pulled up into a bun, eyes so dark they resemble pieces of polished obsidian, and smooth brown skin that seems to glow gold in the sunlight. She looks up, spots him, and gives a small smile. He smiles back.

“Today is going to be a good day,” he thinks as he walks over to the table.

He’s late. She’s been sitting at this table for an hour now, feeling like an idiot for even showing up. She’s sure she looks like a girl who got stood up to the workers and other patrons at the coffee shop. The one good thing about this was the view. From the table she was at, she had a perfect view of the river and the clear blue sky. Maybe she’d go for a walk on the pier to clear her head of this failed date.

Just as she looks up, ready to leave, she spots him staring at her. She gives a slight grimace at the sight. Limp, slightly greasy blonde hair, dull blue eyes, and skin that held a slightly milky complexion. He barely looked like any of his pictures. Was it Photoshop or just careful picture selection?

“Photoshop,” she decides as he walks over. Well, there was no leaving now. She’d have to suffer through at least part of this date. So much for that walk.



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