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Day 150: Men Are A Problem

Video was released today of Donald Trump and Billy Bush saying some truly revolting stuff about women. If you wanna know exactly what he said, go Google it. I don’t want to put it here. I will say trigger warning for harassment and sexual assault. It’s nasty stuff.

The thing is, many men (and women) are defending it by saying “that’s just how men talk.” Well, if that’s “just how men talk”, they’re a problem. Not only them, but the men who say those things because they want to “look good” in front of their boys. They’re a problem.

The men who actually do those things and then brag about it are a problem.

The men who do those things but don’t brag about it are a problem.

The men who don’t say or do those things but don’t correct their boys when they do are a problem.

Men are a problem.

You call women “misandrists” when we say this, but we’re only speaking our truths. Men are a problem. If they continue to be a problem, maybe we have good reason to be misandrists.



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One thought on “Day 150: Men Are A Problem

  1. Women aren’t better than men. Men aren’t better than women. Nothing justifies thinking like that. Men aren’t the problem – the society where we normalise agressive and/or ofensive behavior towards woman and people with feminin traits is a problem. The patriarcy is a problem. Of course it’s mostly men who fight against progress, because the way thinks are right now works for their benefit (or so they think). Still, a lot of women say bad things like the ones you mentioned. And a lot of guys fight for women’s rights. We can’t generalise.


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