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Day 154: Let’s talk about sex…

So, I’m on twitter and there’s talk of all these rules men have about what they can and cannot do while having sex if they want to be considered “real men”. Chief among the rules is you cannot moan.

Yes, you read that right.

You cannot express pleasure through moaning.

I just…

What kind of bullshittery is that? No moaning? That just takes all the fun out of it. One of the best parts of sex (at least for me) is making your partner lose themself in the moment. In my humble opinion, there’s nothing better than hearing your partner let out moans, groans, and sighs because it just feels too good. That, however, is a topic for another day.

What I find most interesting is men are willing to follow these “be a real man” rules when it comes to sex, but they act like asking for consent will “ruin the mood”.

So, if I have this straight, they don’t think holding in moans and refusing to do things they may find pleasurable because “omg, I’m not gay” won’t ruin the mood but asking for consent will?

Like, I’m sorry if you fail at the art of dirty talk, but for the rest of us out here consent is not only necessary for sex but it can also be made sexy as fuck. I mean, have you tried telling your partner every dirty little thing you want to do to them and then asking them if they want that too? If you haven’t, you should. It’s good shit. 10/10. Would reccommend.

(It must be done in the right context in the right way or it will come off as creepy at best or sexual harassment at worst. In other words, don’t roll up on some girl you just met in the club and describe in graphic detail how you want to fuck her. That’s not cool.)

Fellas, instead of adhering to some arbitrary rules in a feeble attempt at “preserving your masculinity”, just do what feels good and right in the moment. If you wanna moan, let it out. Let your partner know they’re doing a damn good job. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. However, don’t forget to ask for consent and remember to have fun.




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