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Day 161: The Struggle

I’m getting bout sick of people glamorizing “the struggle”. It’s called a struggle for a damn reason. Shit ain’t beautiful! It hurts! That’s why it’s called a struggle in the first damn place. People (white people are good for this) glamorize being poor or struggling to survive like it’s some “freeing” thing.

I hear a lot of “I wish I didn’t have to work” and “your life is so simple” out of people like that and it makes me so angry. I think this mentality is born out of the “poor people are lazy” mentality. Poor people have complex and stressful lives too, especially if they’re trying to navigate the rules and regulations of government assistance. This shit ain’t easy and I’d like it if we all stopped pretending it was.

This tiny rant was brought to you by Love Yourz, a song by J Cole that is currently stuck in my head that I cannot fucking stand.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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