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Day 204: Being a parent is hard.

I saw a post on tumblr about a woman who confessed to being tired of being a wife and mother. That sentiment resonates with me so hard. No one tells you how exhausting it is to be a wife and mother before you do it. As a woman, you’re just expected to be able to handle it with a smile. It’s supposed to come “naturally” to you. That’s not the case.

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Day203: Placeholder Day

I don’t have anything interesting to say as of right now, so I’ll keep it brief. I do have thoughts about something I could write, but I think I want to save that for now. It may make a debut soon, so stay tuned for that.

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Day 202: Why I don’t play online anymore.

When I bought Skyrim years ago, I decided to create a new gamertag. The main reason I did that was so I could get away from all of the sexism.

With my old gamertag, I played a wide range of things. GTA: San Andreas, Uno, Oblivion, and a hell of a lot others. It seems like whenever I played a game that had online multiplayer, I’d always get the most fucked up messages. If I dared to play with my headset and people (mostly men) figured out I was a woman, it only got worse. It ranged from guys flirting with me (and not backing off when I said I was engaged), to them outright asking for nude pictures. You can guess what happened when I dared to say no. It eventually got to the point where I just stopped playing games altogether.

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Day 201: 164 more days…

I cannot believe I’ve been doing this for 200 (well, 201) days. For me to have done one thing for this long without breaks is major. It takes a bit of focus to not only remember to do it, but to actually go through with it and write something, anything, down. I honestly don’t know if I’ll make it for the other 164 days, but knowing I’ve done 201 makes me happy. 

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Day 200(!): About BPD

There’s something most people don’t understand about “manipulative behavior” and borderline personality disorder. A lot of people associate it with very gross, abusive stuff. That’s true for some people because everyone is different and some people are abusive ass-monkeys, BPD or no BPD. For many of us though, that’s not the case.

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Day 199: Western Privilege

What exactly is western privilege? What does it consist of? Who benefits from it? Who doesn’t?

Before anyone rolls their eyes, hear me out for a second. I’m not “trolling” anyone. I really do want honest answers. The only time I’ve seen the phrase “western privilege” used is when people are trying to get folks talking about racism/sexism/misogynoir/transmisogyny to “stop complaining.” I’ve had the “you have a laptop/smartphone so you have western privilege” argument thrown at me before but I know it can’t be that simple. So I would like to know exactly what y’all think “western privilege” is and who exactly benefits from it.

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Day 198: A woman ain’t gotta do shit.

I’m seriously fed up with the patriarchal nonsense that a woman has to do whatever for her man or else she’s not “worthy” of him. All of this “you gotta cook for him”, “you gotta fix his plate”, and “you gotta clean up after him” mess is ridiculous. If you’re happy doing all of those things for your man, that’s great. Do you.

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