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Day 185: Abortion is not a cis woman only issue.

Cis women are not the only people on earth who get, want, or need abortions. When you center cis women in you speech and activism around abortion, you’re excluding other people who need access to it.

Who are these people? Trans men, non-binary people, agender individuals, etc. In short, a whole lot of folks. Changing your language to say “pregnant people” or “people with uteri” is easy and super inclusive.

No one is saying “woman” is a dirty word. No one is saying you should erase the word women from your vocabulary. We’re asking you to include all of these people so they’re not erased and forgotten.

Now, if you want to talk about what cis women go through because you’re a cis woman and that’s what you know? That’s cool. Speak about what you know and amplify the voices of others to educate not only yourself but your followers. You do not, however, get to sit around and pretend like cis women are the only people who need or get abortions.



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