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Day 188: Fat men hate fat women.

I want to know why. I’ve noticed this trend a lot over the years. They’ll look like death warmed over, but will be the first to talk shit about a fat woman’s looks and throw around fatphobic insults.

Another thing about fat men was brought to my attention via twitter; they’re they first to complain about being “friend zoned”. Biz Markie made an entire song about being in the “friend zone”. Fat men will whine and complain about skinny women putting them in the “friend zone” and turn around and talk about how they’d never get with a fat girl.

Is it self hate mixed with misogyny? They hate being fat and they think everyone else should to and they also hate women, so the vitriol gets directed at fat women.

A second possibility brought to my attention on twitter was fat men thought fat women would be “grateful” for the attention and “easy” to get with, but they got rejected. That rejection hurt their ego so bad they’ve been angry ever since it happened. I can see this also. This is something that happens with all men, fat or not. Once their ego is bruised by a woman, they tend to lash out at any woman that reminds them of her.

It’s an interesting problem to say the least. I think I’ll start actively asking this question whenever a fat man tries to insult me and see what answer I get. That should be fun.



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