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Day 189: Refusing to teach teens about safe sex won’t stop them from having sex.

Seriously, it won’t. If a teenager wants to do something, nine times out of ten they’ll find a way to do it. Refusing to tell them the truth about sex and teach them about safe sex will just make them seek out other means to find the truth.

When I was a teenager, which wasn’t that long ago, if we didn’t know something about sex, we just asked each other. It was common to just go to the person you knew that had sex before and ask them whatever question you had. That’s how a lot of pretty dangerous rumors got passed around. One common one? Wearing two condoms meant extra protection. Other rumors about sex included:

  • Oral sex wasn’t sex
  • You couldn’t get a STI from oral sex
  • Some people were “too big” for condoms
  • Condoms were one size only
  • Your first time was supposed to hurt
  • Your first time you were supposed to bleed a little
  • If it didn’t hurt and you didn’t bleed, you weren’t a virgin because your hymen had already broken
  • You can’t get pregnant on your period

And that’s just naming a few. Refusing to teach kids about safe sex and the truth about STIs and STDs leads to rumors like these running rampant. That’s how people end up pregnant and/or catching a STI/STD.

You want to cut down on teen pregnancy? Teach teens how not to get pregnant. Tell them the truth about condoms and birth control. Make abortion and reproductive healthcare accessible and affordable. Do this and you’ll end up with happier and healthier teens.



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